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Re: “A Disappointing Finale”


Mark S. wrote: “This is beginning to feel like a thriller with tons of wild plot twists but a disappointing finale.” The first thing that came to mind when I read that sentence was the college football season that just ended. The season opened with unknown Appalachian State’s shocking victory over Michigan (think Huckabee over Romney in Iowa), and it continued like that all season. Almost every week an unranked program upended a top-ten school — usually in triple-overtime. Kansas (Kansas!) almost went undefeated. 

Some unfamiliar names surged to the top of the rankings, but none of the underdogs that made a run at the top (Kentucky, U. of South Florida, Mizzou) had the power to last; traditional powerhouses LSU and Ohio State wound up playing in a very boring national title game. A McCain-Hillary matchup wouldn’t be boring, but it would have a strangely familiar feel for college-football fans. 


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