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One More on Kissling-Michelman


One claim is particularly worth addressing in the very interesting Kissling/Michelman op-ed that both Kathryn and Ramesh have linked to. They write:

The United States has some of the most restrictive policies on abortion in the developed world. In contrast to Europe, the U.S. forbids the use of federal funds for abortions, and the Supreme Court has upheld state laws that require parental consent or notification, mandatory waiting periods and antiabortion counseling.

Actually, European abortion laws are significantly more restrictive than our Roe regime. Here is a run-down. All the European countries have at least an upper limit on the point in the pregnancy at which an abortion may be performed (generally 12 weeks), which we do not. Several also forbid public funds from supporting abortions, and/or require parental consent, waiting periods, counseling etc. None are as permissive as the U.S.


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