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Can I rave for a bit about a friend? He’s yours, too.

As I’ve mentioned, you will see Jonah on this week’s New York Times best-seller list. We just learned last night that in his second week on the list (next week), he will be #3. So he’s not just on the list – which is impressive enough. He’s not just in the top ten or top five — also incredibly impressive. He’s in the top three.

Let’s be honest here. Liberal Fascism is some heavy stuff — literally. That it is getting into people’s hands and being read and discussed and debated is no small feat and speaks tremendously well of Jonah’s following, his persuasive manner, and his hard work.

That and he’s so darn cute. (Yes, he paid me to say that.)

Anyway, watch out, Andrew Morton… I mean…Congrats, Jonah.

In other news: Guess who has been nominated for a Pulitzer? Yes…the P word. Can I even say that around here?

Tribune Media Services (his syndicate) has nominated our Jonah for a Pulitzer in opinion journalism.

Now, if they only know what’s good for them …

For now, it is an honor to be nominated — we’re all delighted here for our friend and colleague and know so many of you are just as excited for all his success. Liberal Fascism has been a long-time in coming and the degree to which it is being talked about and purchased is great news and a testament to a job well done.


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