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Why was this debate so bad?


One of my GOP candidates had an expression: “WOT.”  Waste of time.   Did this debate accomplish anything, other than to remind us that Tim Russert is the most overrated journalist in television?   I’m trying to imagine what Florida voter watched that and went–”OK, now I’m ready to vote!”   The conventional wisdom is that Romney owns the economy as an issue. But Rudy has a real plan, and a significantly different approach, that he and Romney could have debated. Someone could have pointed out that, if McCain had gotten his way, we probably would have had a real recession in the first part of this decade.  How about Gov. Huckabee’s $500 million net tax increase?   There’s plenty to discuss, and instead the “highlight” film that will make the nightly news will likely be either Huckabee’s Chuck Norris joke; or the vicious NYTimes “Rudy Sucks” question, followed by a tiny snippet of Rudy’s answer.   Who was protecting a lead? Why were they so timid?  Why were the questions so lame?   Where can I go to get my 90 minutes back?