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Religious Persecution and Forced Conversion in Iran?


From the New York Times:

[Judiciary Spokesman Alireza Jamshidi] also announced punishments for 54 followers of the Bahai faith who were arrested early last year in Shiraz, in southern Iran. He said three had received prison terms of four years on charges of “propagating against the regime.” The other 51 received suspended prison terms and were released on the condition that they take courses taught by the state-run Islamic Propaganda Organization, Agence France-Presse reported. Iran’s theocracy does not recognize the legitimacy of Bahaism.

It is curious that the New York Times essentially prints Islamic Republic official statements, but its stringer does not meet or interview any of Bahai’s (or labor leaders or furloughed political prisoners). Perhaps access remains more important than standards.

Background on persecution of Bahais in Iran, here.


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