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Does Mitt Have a Problem in Massachusetts?


That’s what the Boston Globe-Democrat (as the local rag is known on my radio show) wants its readers to believe.

But the latest poll, on January 23rd, showed Romney with a 21% lead. The Globe-Democrat’s front page story doesn’t offer any evidence at all that Romney’s in trouble in Massachusetts or, as they put it, an “acutely embarrassing” loss. But they do use the opportunity to go back over Romney’s record and give him a few swift kicks.

Not surprisingly, the uber-liberal Boston Globe-Democrat endorsed John McCain.

But so did the Boston Herald, as Sen. McCain noted last night. I’m a columnist for the Herald, and while Sen. McCain’s description of the paper as “very conservative” isn’t accurate (“populist” would be a more accurate term), their endorsement of McCain is part of a larger Massachusetts story. The media here really and truly HATE Mitt Romney.

It’s bizarre. Romney isn’t a contentious, pick-a-fight kind of guy. He was by every estimate a competent governor. Not a miracle worker, not a moron. The state was in demonstrably better shape when he left then when he was elected — and he gave the Left a mandatory health care policy. Why the animus?

I don’t have empirical data, but the anecdotal is overwhelming: Mitt Romney hurt Massachusetts’ feelings. He came, he won, he left to run for president. As juvenile as it may sound, quite a few Massachusetts folks act like a jilted bride when it comes to Romney.

My talk show phones regularly overflow with Republicans who bring up, unsolicited, Romney’s decision to bail on the state after just one term. Bay State conservatives take umbrage at Mitt’s jokes about Massachusetts liberal lunacy — even though they agree with Mitt’s point.

Massachusetts politicians live by the adage that “All politics is local.” It’s also very, very personal.


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