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Get Out Quick, Before We Win


Do these two U.S. senators have any idea what’s actually happening in Iraq?  They should listen to my conversation with Maj. General Rick Lynch from Baghdad this morning.  He talked about what’s happening in Iraq today. They’re talking about Iraq one year ago.   Or they could just pick up the papers.  Here’s just a sampling, from Max Boot in the Weekly Standard:

Anbar Province, the scene of the heaviest fighting from 2003 to 2007, has become so quiet that Marines are complaining of boredom and their inability to earn combat action ribbons. The transformation in the southern Baghdad belt is less complete but in many cases just as dramatic. We visited the Yusufiya area, formerly known as the “Triangle of Death.” Until 2007, there were few American troops here, and those were under siege. Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Rohling, commander of the 3rd battalion of the 101st Airborne Division, told us that the battalion which had garrisoned the area in 2006-07 had lost 29 men; their battalion commander had been wounded twice; and two of their men had been kidnapped by AQI. By contrast, Rohling’s battalion had suffered only one death and 18 wounded since arriving in November. “The enemy has become very weak,” an Iraqi army officer who works closely with the Americans told us. “They are breathing their last breath.”