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KJL is right, for people who were focusing on policy.  It was a good night for the GOP.   But the Democrats have risen above coherent policy. They’re playing pure, identity politics.  And nothing happened tonight to change the equation.   Sen. Obama has 80% of the black vote, and a slim majority of the progressive/liberal wing of the Democratic Party.  His pumping up of Sen. Edwards helped solidify that position.  Unfortunately for Barack, that is still a minority of the Democratic primary electorate.   Mrs. Bill Clinton still has the machine. She still has the organization.  And she still has the women.  In Massachusetts, just as an example, women are expected to cast 60% of the vote in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.  Black voters? 5%.  Let’s say black turnout surges to 10%.  They split the rest and Sen. Obama gets crushed.   Isn’t that still the likely outcome in at least 15 of the 22 states voting Tuesday?


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