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Forget Super Tuesday, Super Bowl Sunday is Way Better


With global warming, universal health care, and cap-and-trade being discussed so seriously at the Republican debates, these are tough times for most conservatives. So instead of focusing your energies on what could be a very depressing Super Tuesday, focus instead on something much better: Super Bowl Sunday.

You may remember a few weeks ago Rich wrote:

It’s been a good time for me in terms of wagers, because I bet our Pats-loving tech guy Nate that the Patriots wouldn’t score 56 points against either the Jets or the Dolphins, and sometime soon, he’s going to have to wear a Yankees hat for a week as a result (I still need to get him the hat).

Well, that’s me, and this is the week. (Now, before you think I’m a total schlub, back in Week 2 — way before ESPN was talking about it — I made a friendly wager with Stephen Spruiell that the Pats would go undefeated. Who’s the schlub now?)

I’m sure some circle of hell is reserved for Sox fans who wear Yankees hats though — the week before a New York team is playing a New England team in a championship game, no less — so, to make up for that, I’ve put together a video for Sunday:

(Video credit: FOX, CBS, NBC, NFL Network. Music credit: Young Bloodz, Shop Boyz, Fort Minor, E.S. Posthumous, CBS)