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The Door on Huckabee


There’s a very funny post on Mike Huckabee and his friendship with the televangelist Kenneth Copeland here on the Wittenburg Door website. The Wittenburg Door is interesting in itself–it covers religious topics seriously and satirically, and very entertainingly under both rubrics. Its patron saint, so to speak, is Erasmus rather than Luther, seemingly because he irritated both Luther and the Vatican. Its writers — the most famous of whom is the NR alumnus, John Bloom aka Joe-Bob Briggs — come out of what Bloom calls “the hippie-ish Jesus movement.”

The Door’s political stance is quite hard to analyse — I would guess it’s a sort of maverick Protestantism, theologically quite conservative, politically slightly liberal, and always anxious not to be too predictable. But one thing is sure: it is very skeptical of televangelists whom it suspects of not being sufficiently other-worldly.

This makes it highly skeptical of the wealthy Copeland as the apostle of a “prosperity gospel” that the Door thinks is not the right kind of evangelism. His speech to other ministers is run on the site alongside the article. In it, Copeland tells of how Huckabee agreed to support him against Congress since he was trying to bring prosperity to the people and Congress was trying to stop him. According to Copeland, Huckabee was enthusiastic, assuring Copeland he need not worry about a Senate investigation since the Senate “only have an eleven per cent approval rating.” And there’s more — including some very funny analysis of Huckabee’s biblical criticism.

Huckabee usually has no difficulty in hitting questions about religion from the mainstream media out of the ball-park. I would like to see him respond to this. Alas, the mainstream press may not read the Door. And Huckabee is not returning its phone calls.



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