Huck, for the Long Haul

by John O'Sullivan

I think Byron is right following the Kansas caucuses–we may see Huckabee in the race till after the Texas and Ohio primaries and, if he wins them, maybe well beyond.

Byron may be wrong in thinking that the GOP establishment won’t mind this; at least that’s how I read Governor Rick Perry’s appeal to the Huck to withdraw. My guess is that they would like this race wrapped up now and they must worry about the draining effect on McCain of a series of Huckabee victories in the run-up to the Convention. But is Huckabee open to their influence? He does well by running against the establishment, it seems to me, and the longer he stays in by winning or doing respectably, the more he builds up his reputation for 2012. After all, suppose he ends up with more delegates than Romney?

That is now quite likely. Huckabee is getting his own votes, the votes of all those dubious about McCain who don’t want Ron Paul, and the votes of those who simply want the race to continue–people who, like Huckabee himself, are having fun. I don’t know in what states that list adds up to a majority, but Rick Perry obviously thinks they include Texas.

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