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Michelle’s Miseries


Late last evening I watched Michelle Obama’s speech on C-SPAN. When I have caught her appearances in the past, I’ve thought she is sharp and likable and plays her support role with grace and humor. Last night? Not so much. Announcing that “for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country,” because her husband’s campaign is doing so well was awfully self-involved. Not a single other thing has made her “really proud” of the country she hopes to serve as First Lady? 

While months ago she was (implausibly but dutifully) explaining how her husband’s job experiences have made him uniquely qualified for the presidency, her current speech echoes John Edwards. Her litany of the insurmountable barriers faced by hardworking Americans portrays a miserable landscape of stacked decks. To share in this unrelenting misery by throwing herself in with the hopeless victims of America’s inequities, Michelle complains about having to pay off the Obamas’ student loans.  They both have Ivy League undergraduate degrees and are Harvard law grads. They presumably borrowed money to pay for these sterling credentials because they thought it was worth it. The University of Illinois would have been cheaper. Apparently, such choices are unfair. Her husband has gotten a lot of mileage out of being the first black editor of The Harvard Law Review. Is Michelle saying that it wasn’t worth the price? Harvard law degrees should be free?

Obviously, I hadn’t been paying close enough attention to note Michelle Obama’s resentments and sense of entitlement. Jonathan Last elaborates on her aggrieved attitude.

Meanwhile, last week “The Tank” linked to a recent interview with John Sidney McCain IV, a Naval Academy midshipman. He’s proud — of his father, our veterans, and his country.


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