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Re: “Pattern” of Obama Borrowing


Interesting concept making Deval Patrick the focus of the Clinton campaign’s anti-Obama offensive. Hank Sheinkopf makes the same argument in this Ben Smith piece. But there is no way that would work out for them. It is too complicated. First you have to get past the “Deval who?” factor. Then you have to give a primer on Massachusetts politics and policy of the last few years. Then you have to make the very dubious case that just because one inspirational speaker can’t govern, none of them can. The Clinton campaign reaffirms its inherent wonkishness, and by this time Obama has made a witty retort about Winston Churchill (who could speak well and govern) and moved on. Maybe toss in a Churchill quote (with attribution!) like, “If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.” While the Clinton campaign is busy reprinting excerpts from the last few years of Massachusetts budgets Obama will be wrapping up Texas and Ohio.


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