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Why Hillary won’t quit regardless of the results tonight:

1. While she can’t catch Obama in pledged delegates, neither can he clinch the nomination tonight or in the foreseeable future. So if she hasn’t lost the nomination, why stop fighting? Huckabee is hanging in until the bitter end and he has no chance.

2. Hillary can still win the nomination if enough super delegates go her way. Since neither side will win it with pledged delegates, the real fight will be among the unpledged delegates. Right now the primaries are largely about perceptions; proportional representation will prevent decisive victory by either side.

3. Obama’s “winner” image is taking hits. The emerging issues regarding NAFTA and Rezko — along with Obama’s newly-thin skin dealing with the press — will give pause to party big-wigs who might see Obama as potentially vulnerable. This is a strong argument the Clinton campaign can make for super delegates to remain at least neutral until these issues shake out.

4. Arguments that the party must quickly be unified hardly make sense in March. There is plenty of time for reconciliation later, if necessary.

5. Her campaign is flush with cash.

6. Never underestimate the power of unbounded ambition.


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