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Fallon Fallout


CENTCOM Commander Adm. William Fallon may be as much a victim of Thomas Barnett’s weirdly hyperbolic prose style as anything else. “If, in the dying light of the Bush administration, we go to war with Iran, it’ll all come down to one man. If we do not go to war with Iran, it’ll come down to the same man. He is that rarest of creatures in the Bush universe: the good cop on Iran, and a man of strategic brilliance. His name is William Fallon…” Come on, could anyone buy that? Contrast it with the allegation (since denied) that Fallon called General David Petraeus an “*ss-kissing little chickensh*t.” Considering General Petraeus’s demonstrated bona fides in the strategic brilliance department, you have to wonder what was really going on backstage.


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