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The Odd Vision of the NY Times


In one of its periodic seizures of narcissism, the New York Times now claims that the American government is working very hard to convince the Iraqi government that Iran is supporting terrorism inside Iraq. As if the Iraqis had not known that. But the Times goes further, arguing that until very recently, Iraqi leaders were actually pro-Iranian.

This is like saying that businesses paying protection money to the Mafia are pro-Mafia. It’s not only silly, but it flies in the face of recent events, which saw the Iraqi government launch an assault on Iranian-supported militia groups in Basra and elsewhere. That was hardly the act of a pro-Iranian government, and American leaders not only did not lead that assault, they were openly critical of it.

Iraqis hardly need instruction from us about the malevolent actions of the mullahs. If anything, our leaders have been reluctant to see what Iran (in tandem with Syria) has been up to in Iraq. It took quite a while before the American military was convinced that the IEDs in Iraq were of Iranian provenance, and we had to interrogate many captured Iranian military officers in Iraq before we rather reluctantly said that the mullahs were waging war against us there.

So the Times has it precisely backwards, and therefore misses the import of the Iraqis’ actions against Iran’s terror proxies. The Iraqi government knows that we are winning the war, and has decided the battle can be taken to the Iranians. That is indeed a big story, one the MSM is striving mightily to ignore. You can read a longer analysis here. And here.

PS: The WaPo does a much better job in today’s editorial.


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