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Up to now, Republicans have missed the boat on Obama. Everyone keeps talking about what kind of president Obama might be. But the real problem with Obama may be what sort of ex-president he’d be. Think about it. It’s taken decades for Jimmy Carter to shift from grave weakness in the face of the Iranian revolution to an even more extreme stance as ex-president. Now it’s reached the point where Carter is undercutting U.S. foreign policy by negotiating unconditionally with the terrorist extremists of Hamas.

Given Carter’s performance, I dread an Obama ex-presidency. Obama would actually begin his term in office very near to the point that it’s taken Jimmy Carter years to arrive at. After all, Obama is already willing to negotiate unconditionally with most of our foreign foes. If that’s where Obama stands now, what’s going to happen when he’s freed from political constraint as an ex-president? The prospect is truly frightening.

Remember that Obama comes from Chicago, which has a particularly strong tradition of globe-trotting, crazy-radical-terrorist-leader-meeting politicians and religious leaders. Jesse Jackson practically taught Jimmy Carter how to play the game. And of course, Obama’s mentor, Jeremiah Wright, traveled with Louis Farrakhan to meet Muammar Qaddafi. Again, Obama is prepared to begin his presidency by drawing on this tradition. So imagine how much worse it will get when Obama pulls a Carter after retirement.

It’s time to take action. We need a 527, which could perhaps be called, “Stop the Obama Ex-Presidency!” (STOEP!). With months to go before the convention, there’s plenty of time to set it up. So as you watch Jimmy Carter’s antics, think about how much worse it could get, and be very afraid. STOEP!


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