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A One-Term Pledge


In today’s terrific column (I loved “seems slightly drugged”), Peggy Noonan says that a one-term pledge by John McCain would be a “brilliant thing.”  I wholly agree, for reasons Ramesh has persuasively laid out.  Peggy acknowledges the downside of “lame-duckness from day one,” but I think that the pledge is the only way to avoid being virtually paralyzed by Washington’s present poisonous partisanship.  The morning after the Inauguration, members of Congress’s majority can be expected to devote themselves to seeing that the McCain presidency fails.  The Left would be even more unhinged after losing in a year with such promise.  Should John McCain pledge to do 3 or 4 big specific things in his one and only term, he would have a mandate.  He could promise to report back in 2010 on which congressmen, Republican and Democrat, are standing in the way of what voters wanted to see him tackle. Such a McCain Mandate would prevent the “lame-duckness” that partisans would otherwise have planned for him.


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