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Not So Grand Old Flag


Looks like Barack Obama is changing the culture already. As illustrated by Richard Cohen’s column today, Obama is giving “latte liberals” and aging boomers a chance to say out loud what they’ve been thinking all along:

Sometimes I think the best thing about Barack Obama is that little empty space on his lapel. It is where other politicians wear the American flag pin, a kitschy piece of empty symbolism that tells you nothing about that particular person except that he or she thinks like everyone else. Obama’s flag, invisible to the naked eye, is the Jolly Roger of a politician thinking for himself….I suspect more to the point…was Obama’s sense that the flag pin, rather than representing patriotism, was an emblem of conformity and hypocrisy…Some will see [Obama’s refusal to wear the flag pin] as a lack of patriotism, an emotional distance from the country that served him so well. Others, such as I, will see it as an expression of cool, the statement of a candidate who wants to be president, but not at the cost of his intellectual integrity.