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I agree with Jonah (nothing new there, I know), and I think we should add one more stick to the load on that donkey:  the lawyers.  Why did we go to war with Iraq?  As Jonah says, there were many reasons, but one was surely that there were legal “hooks” and even U.N. votes on which to hang a rationale.  WMDs were part of the whole legalistic/U.N. lobster pot, Iraq had given certain promises, and they were invariably found to have been broken.  So we were legally entitled to go after Saddam.  Plus there was Blair, don’t forget.  I was told at the time that he was insisting on (yet another) U.N. resolution, because his lawyers had warned him that, without one, he might be prosecuted as a war criminal.  And so the whole thing dragged on and on…


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