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If Society Gains, Society Should Pay


According to The New York Times, “The Bush administration is about to propose far-reaching new rules that would give people with disabilities greater access to tens of thousands of courtrooms, swimming pools, golf courses, stadiums, theaters, hotels and retail stores.” The Times characterizes this as “an effort to meet the needs of an aging population and growing numbers of disabled war veterans.”

No one wants to appear unsympathetic to the old and to disabled vets, but of course the trouble is that these new rules will be expensive. Here’s the obvious solution: If we as a society think that greater access is important, then we as a society should pay for it, rather than forcing only some of us — including financially strapped small businesses — to pay for it. So there should be a 100 percent tax credit for anyone being required to make these accommodations. That should be the law, by the way, not only for these new proposals, but for anything required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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