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Spengler Strikes Again


Spengler at his best is dazzling, a philosophical high-wire act, swinging gracefully from platform to platform.  Here he is in rare form, flying from the Founders to Obama with nary a slip.  Why do they hate us?  Because we’re the “almost chosen people,” as Lincoln said.  But the real question is why does Obama hate us?  And Spengler has a grim answer:

In return for the sanctity of individual rights, Americans are freed from the constraints of traditional society and made responsible for their own actions. For an American presidential candidate to refer to traditional society as the model for the solution to American problems has no precedent. It is one thing to denounce American errors while upholding American principles. Never before has America considered electing a president who prefers the alternative, and that might just be the most dangerous thing to happen to the United States since its Civil War. 

Read it all.  Then read it again.  Don’t leap for your keyboard, think about it.  It’s very important. 


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