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McCain Love


The new McCain spot “Love” is pretty good, but I think the media team needs a better film editor. The McCain spots are very choppy. In “Love” there is one cut that is up for such a brief fraction of a second it looks like a mistake. It seems like they are trying to cram in too many images, which short-circuits the viewer’s emotional connection to any single image. It is hard to develop a feeling about the spot because each cut interrupts rather than builds. By way of contrast check out the coherence and flow of one of the “Morning in America” spots for Ronald Reagan’s 1984 re-election campaign.  I understand that in the past 24 years the pacing of film and television has become more brisk, but that is no excuse for being haphazard. Check out Edward Dmytryk’s Rules for Editing or Walter Murch’s “Rule of Six“. Given the cost and importance of ad buys there is really no excuse for getting this so wrong.


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