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Just a Little More on that New Yorker Cover


The press release from The New Yorker says, “in ‘The Politics of Fear,’ artist Barry Blitt satirizes the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the Presidential election to derail Barack Obama’s campaign.”

But whose scare tactics? While John McCain has denounced even the use of Barack Obama’s middle name (lest it be considered a “scare tactic”), the fright, it seems to me, has been from the Democratic party — or at least Hillary Clinton. If memory serves, the first time a depiction or picture of Barack Obama circulated that had him looking like a Muslim came from an old picture the Clinton campaign circulated during the primary, when Obama was dressed in native garb in Africa. And it was the Clinton campaign that aired an ad in PA that featured an image of Osama bin Laden reminding us of how dangerous the world is, saying Hillary had what it took–as opposed to Obama — to confront him.


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