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Ohio’s Local Leviathan


In addition to  the oppressive tax burden noted by Jonathan Adler below, Ohioans, already struggling with a mammoth jobs and brain drain,  will be voting this fall on a ballot initiative called the Ohio Healthy Families Act. The Act will require most Ohio businesses to provide up to 7 paid sick days to their employees  who are ill  or who have an ill family member. The paid sick leave begins to accrue immediately upon hire.

Over the last 25 years, policies based on economic populism have been strangling businesses in Ohio. As noted recently in the WSJ by Ohio native Chester Finn, the best and brightest young people are fleeing Ohio in droves. Cleveland lost more residents last year than any major city in the country.

Whatever the merits of OHFA, it’s likely to contribute to that trend. Before you can take sick leave, paid or otherwise, you have to have a job.