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Fun with Google Maps


I was putting together a crisis decision making scenario for my Summer Seminar on Intelligence which posits a possible (and in my opinion inevitable) Iranian nuclear weapons test. Some open source analysts believe that the secret nuclear development site is near the town of Parchin, which is southeast of Tehran. The suspected facility is near a ridge a few kilometers east of the town. Down a road to the south is an area that might be a test site under preparation. It seems to fit the characteristics listed by the Defense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program (DTIRP). Looking further south I came across this very interesting high security compound with what looks like a communications tower.  I hadn’t seen this compound noted in other writings on Parchin, but it certainly piques one’s interest, particularly the fact that it is walled off. I’m writing about it because I’m continually amazed at the public tools available these days that one can access from one’s desktop, and also because while the parties who ought to know about that compound probably do, I have spent enough time in government to know that it never hurts to point things out in case they don’t.