Peter Rodman

by John O'Sullivan

A great deal will be said in coming days about Peter Rodman as a wise counsellor in foreign policy. He spent a lifetime serving America as a diplomatic strategist. He did so brilliantly but without the slightest self-promotion. He understood his country’s interests clearly and could explain them eloquently.  When Peter was speaking or writing, anyone listening or reading understood foreign policy too.  Much as Peter’s friends at NR admired the strategist and writer, however, we loved the man more. He was the most good-natured of colleagues. Also one of the most versatile, analysing Iranian policy and the comedian Benny Hill with equal fluency. His sly deadpan wit had listeners suddenly bursting out laughing halfway through their next argument. And we knew our friend was a truly good man. In private life Peter was a strong family man, rightly proud of his daughter Theodora and his son Nicholas, and devoted to his effervescent wife, Veronique. Like Ramesh I hate to think of the grief they must now be suffering. But they have at least the consolation of knowing how widely their father was loved and admired.

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