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Iranian Blackouts


I thought this sort of headline was limited to Iraq, but it turns out that the Iranians are also suffering electrical shortages. You may well ask how a country drowning in oil revenues can have made such a mess of such things, but it turns out that the mullahs have an extraordinary ability to make messes.

That’s perhaps why one of the most popular jokes in the streets of Iran these days goes something like this:

A journalist asks Ahmadinejad: How is it possible to produce electric energy from a nuclear bomb?

Ahmadinejad : We will continue enrichment because our train does not have any brakes. Then we will show you how to produce electricity from an atomic bomb. When we produce the atomic bomb then everybody will be surprised and shocked, and the electricity will radiate from everybody’s derriere because of that shock. Then we will use that huge surge of electricity for our own betterment.

Which pretty much tells you how Iranians feel about their mullahs. And they’re right. It’s assinine.


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