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Georgia: Just the Beginning?


I think NRO’s editorial on the Russian invasion of Georgia is quite good. I would add that we, on our own or with allied or NATO support, should help the former captive nations and East bloc nations arm up so they at least have the ability to try to defend themselves against Putin’s Russia. If there is to be some kind of quasi-Cold War with Russia, let it be on better terms and conditions than the first. Diplomacy and threatening loss of membership in this group or that will have little effect. Putin surely understood the diplomatic fallout that likely would follow his invasion. This is a man who defies his own constitution, denies the systematic murder of inquisitive journalists and critical ex-pats, claims to seize the North Pole for his country, and assists Iran in its pursuit of nuclear status. We are limited in how we can help our Georgian ally, but Putin’s brazen attack on Georgia should be a warning to the United States and our allies on Russia’s border and elsewhere in the area that they need to be prepared for more of this.


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