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Who Is Ben Gulak?


Have you ever thought about having a vehicle that combines the convenience of the Segway with the speed and safety of a motorcycle? Meet the Uno, a Segway/motorcycle hybrid. The Uno is the brainchild of Ben J. Poss Gulak, an 18 year old Canadian engineer and inventor, now at MIT. What strikes me about his story is that those who think the answer to our energy woes (or anything else) is a great big government program seem to ignore the fact that genius arrives on its own schedule and works in its own ways. If anything, a government-based approach will make it harder for innovators to get involved because it will impose bureaucratic logic on a chaotically creative process. You can’t plan for someone like Ben, you can’t legislate him, you can’t work him into your budget assumptions. You can only stand back and watch in amazement.