Pro Palin

by Richard Brookhiser

A Clintonista writes, fwiw:

When you track the gender gap, Clinton had a huge one (as we know, women love him), Gore’s was smaller than Clinton’s, and Kerry’s was smaller than Gore’s (the numbers - and these are off the top of my head – go something like 17 points in 1996, 12 points in 2000, and 7 points in 2004).  Gov. Sarah Palin allows the GOP to essentially shrink this further – maybe below 5%.  In short, she provides a reason for many wives to finally “move” to the Republican Party and to follow the step that their husbands made somewhere between 20 and 40 years ago.  Beyond this, more women vote than men (in 2004, I believe women made up 54% of the electorate).  Hence, this pick has the potential (if they win) to turn the Republican Party into a permanent majority party with the help of women. One last thing – if they win, Palin becomes “heir apparent” – and this means that there is a possibility that if McCain doesn’t seek a second term, the presidential race in 2012 is VP Palin versus former First Lady and Senator Clinton.  Wow - now that would be something.  And women know it.   And on her “experience,” I think that it is true that she is more experienced than Obama.  She has had tough campaigns, she has fought the status quo, and she has been an executive.  Obama has none of that – he “lucked” into office thanks to opponents’ scandals, he stuck to the “safe” (often very liberal) positions in the state senate and the U.S. Senate, and he did not do anything on Iraq or Afghanistan except to “talk” about them, so his foreign policy record is as non-existent as hers.

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