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Heartening Polls for McCain


A new SurveyUSA survey finds Sen. John McCain’s GOP convention speech has scored well, at least with Florida voters. The poll tabs are here. The synopsis:  

In our latest poll out of Tampa for WFLA-TV, 52% of registered voters told us their opinion of John McCain went up after hearing his speech at the Republican National Convention last night. 18% say their opinion of McCain went down while 30% say their opinion of McCain stayed the same.

We asked voters who heard the speeches by both McCain and Obama to tell us who would do a better job with certain issues. Here is what they told us:

  • Who has the better plan for Iraq? McCain
  • For energy independence? McCain
  • For Health care? McCain
  • Who is stronger on the environment? McCain
  • On education? McCain

And if Tampa voters were placing a bet today on who will be elected our next President? You guessed it . . . they put their money on McCain.


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