Another Palin Non-Scandal

by Jonathan H. Adler

Why the Washington Post thought its story about Gov. Palin’s per diem expenses as governor was worthy of page one treatment is a real mystery. Yes, Palin sought per diem expenses for some nights spent at her home in Wasilla when she was not staying at the Goveror’s mansion in Juneau, but this is no scandal. As David Bernstein notes (and John Miller notes below), if you read the story carefully you learn that the per diem’s she’s sought are explicitly provided for under state law, she sought less reimbursement than she’s entitled to, she sought less than her predecessor, and she also eliminated other expenses that her predecessor imposed on Alaska’s taxpayers (e.g. a personal chef at the Governor’s mansion). So then why is this story on page one? John wants to know when the Post will report on what Sen. Biden’s love affair with Amtrak costs the taxpayer. David has another idea: A story on the various “fact-finding” missions Sen. Biden’s taken at taxpayer expense. I’m sure the Post will have these stories any day now.

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