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Help Froma Harrop


The lefty columnist has seriously harmed her spleen with this September 4 eruption:

I had dinner last night with a Republican-leaning independent who was despondent over John McCain’s choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. She had been looking forward to supporting McCain as a fiscal conservative with a deep understanding of foreign relations. But all she could now see was that picture of Palin’s pregnant 17-year-old looking defiant and stupid as she held mom’s fifth baby.
Yes, you read that right. “Stupid.” Now Froma has a website, and she obviously caught some flak, so she responds — in that special sanctimonious way that liberals have:
Syntax matters. The order of words changes meaning in a sentence. Some readers took umbrage when I said Palin’s pregnant daughter was “looking defiant and stupid.” It was a sharp remark, but I never said said that she was stupid or that, as some of the comments have misquoted me, was “stupid looking.” She is a 17-year-old, who like other 17-year-olds, is confused and ignorant about life. That’s why she needs parenting. That’s why if her guardians consider abortion to be out of the question, they had better make sure that their high schooler is not having sex, or if she does, that she is equipped with birth control. High school girls get pregnant, but no one should celebrating that fact. When it happens to dark girls, we hear of “irresponsible parenting.” When it happens to liberal ones, it’s “permissive parenting.” But somehow this tragedy turns into an affirmation of courage if the parents talk the social-conservative game. I have full respect for genuinely conservative parents, who carefully raise their children. (I had them: My Truman Democrat Mom was more conservative than my Rockefeller Republican Dad.) It takes work to raise children, and if it’s not the mother, someone else has to do it. “News flash,” to quote Sarah Palin. Outside the nation’s poverty belts, a high school girl with a baby is not some little problem that happens to normal families. If it is, I must have missed that episode of “Leave it to Beaver.”
Look, Froma is obviously having a very bad reaction to populist conservatism short-circuiting the Second Coming of The One Community Organizer. If there is anyone out there who is a medical professional, please know Froma works at the Providence Journal. And remember: friends don’t let frothing columnist friends write, so please take away her keyboard.


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