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Gibson and Palin – Day 2


If yesterday’s portion of the Charlie Gibson interview of Sarah Palin was good but not great for her, today’s was fantastic. She was calm and at ease, poised, clear, and—like yesterday—substantively right on target. The portion at the end of the newscast, about balancing motherhood and political leadership, could well be worth more than all the ads the McCain campaign has purchased lately.

Stylistically, today was far better than yesterday for her. But the more striking thing is that substantively, her answers in both cases were more or less exactly what they should have been. If after two fairly intense interviews like this the closest thing to a gaffe she’s committed is to share in what turns out to be a widely shared uncertainty about the definition of the Bush doctrine, she’s in good shape. And if lots of people see today’s portion of the interview, she’s in great shape.


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