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Re: Obama and Negotiating with Iraq


Andy McCarthy and Matt Franck are right to advise against invoking the Logan Act regarding Obama’s alleged negotiations with Iraqi officials. Andy argues, correctly I think, that the matter should be handled politically, i.e., the McCain campaign should draw voters’ attention to it and let it be a factor in the electoral process.

If what Taheri claims is true, however, Obama’s actions are of sufficient gravity that more formal, albeit still political, actions are indicated. At minimum, the Senate should consider investigating the allegations (heck, Congress doesn’t seem to have any hesitation investigating the likes of Blackwater, Halliburton, etc for alleged transgressions of arguably lesser magnitude), not with an eye toward impeachment (Matt: query whether the House has the authority under Article II to impeach a senator — I’m not aware of any precedent) or even censure, but to 1) verify the claims, 2) determine the extent to which U.S. interests may have been compromised, and 3) suggest appropriate remedial action.


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