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We thought we’d sold all of these a few months back, but last week we unearthed a box in the ever hectic National Review mailroom, so – if you want a copy of the historic June 28, 2004 issue dedicated to the late Ronald Reagan, buy one here, but act pronto, because these are certain to sell out PDQ if our prior experience is any indication. The cost for this special tribute issue – one of the most popular in NR’s history, including reflections, essays, and remembrances from William F. Buckley, Jr., Paul Johnson, Victor Davis Hanson, Rush Limbaugh, Charlton Heston, Edwin Meese, Chris Matthews, Lou Cannon, George Weigel, John O’Sullivan, Otto Reich, Lawrence Kudlow, Steven Hayward, Mark Helprin, Dinesh D’Souza, Richard Brookhiser, William Rusher, Jay Nordlinger, Peter Rodman, Peter Robinson, and Neal Freeman – is $10.00 per copy, which includes first-class shipping and handling. Again, supplies are limited so act swiftly.


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