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Obama’s Spanish-Language Ad


The presidential candidate whose campaign purports to transcend race invokes race repeatedly and explicitly. No presidential candidate in at least forty years has played the race card as frequently and overtly as Obama.   Obama’s Spanish language ad is an abomination. Not only does it malign and defame Sen.McCain and Rush Limbaugh, but it’s calculated to stir racial/ethnic animosity for political gain. Anyone who thinks that an Obama presidency would usher in an era of racial  harmony should consider the candidate’s casual use of race for political advantage. What evidence is there that he would cease using such tactics upon election?  Numerous times throughout the campaign he’s suggested his opponents, Democrat and Republican alike, are racists. For twenty years he remained in a church where racialist bilge seemed to flow freely. He dismisses huge swaths of the American public as gun-toting, bible-thumping rubes.   Any  candidate for president of the United States of America should condemn that ad, cause its immediate removal from the airwaves and have a nice little talk with all associated with producing it. And the media that continues to condemn the Willie Horton ad from twenty years ago would press him on why he’s failed to do so.


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