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Rush, Obama, and Race


Last week the U.S.Commission on Civil Rights debated whether to conduct hearings on the effect of race on the 2008 presidential election. The concept was rejected because a majority of commissioners maintained, ironically, that data on the issue would be insufficient and/or unreliable. It now appears that Sen. Obama and his surrogates ( including his allies in the media) are doing their best to provide that data.

Rush Limbaugh’s response in today’s Wall Street Journal nails it: Obama’s use of racially divisive tactics is unworthy of the presidency. Nearly  forty five years after passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act we witness the spectacle of a presidential candidate attacking his opponent as racist; of defaming a citizen by mendaciously distorting his words. And Obama has the audacity to call his opponent dishonorable?

Obama does nothing to halt the airing of that abominable ad. He doesn’t call his campaign staff on the carpet for producing it. He permits surrogates to call Americans who don’t support him racist. And he engages in toxic insinuations of racism on a regular basis.

As Kathryn notes below, Karen Tumulty of Time accuses McCain of playing the race card because he’s running an ad that features Franklin Raines.( McCain also has an ad about Jim Johnson.) She and her media brethren remain unconcerned , however,about the blatant racial tactics used daily by Obama.

Michelle Obama asserts this is a downright mean country. Not quite. But not not for lack of trying by her husband and his allies.


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