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Brazen Bias


Byron York yesterday exposed the hilarious “Fact Checker” column by the Washington Post’s Michael Dobbs, which accuses the McCain campaign of “clearly exaggerating wildly” in accurately stating in a video news release:


“Obama has no background in economics.  Who advises him?  The [Washington] Post says it’s Franklin Raines, for ‘advice on mortgage and housing policy.’” 


Accurately quoting the Post, according to Dobbs, “is pretty flimsy [evidence], but it is not made up completely out of whole cloth.”


Today, the Post brazenly runs Dobb’s column—under the title “Linking Obama to Ex-Fannie Mae Chief Is a Stretch”—side-by-side (on page A4) with an“Ad Watch” column by Howard Kurtz that evaluates an Obama ad.  The ad asks “So who advises [McCain]?” on economic issues, and gives Carly Fiorina, Phil Gramm, and George Bush as its answers. 


The opening sentence of Kurtz’s analysis states, “The key facts in this Barack Obama counterattack ad are accurate.”  Oh, really?  Only the thorough reader will learn that Gramm “relinquished his formal campaign role” some time ago, and Kurtz offers no evidence that Gramm remains an adviser to McCain on economic issues.  And there is of course no evidence that President Bush is advising McCain on economic issues. 

Kurtz’s column also bears (in the newspaper edition) a title that the Obama campaign could have written:  “Judging a Man by the Company He Keeps”.  Any chance that the Post will use that standard in exploring Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Obama’s other radical fringe associates?


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