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Trust on the Economy


The Diageo/Hotline poll offers not only a daily tracking number but more detailed questions asked on a daily basis. It shows, not surprisingly, that the importance of economic concerns has been going up steadily over the past week (the portion of respondents describing it as the top issue was 39% on Tuesday and 47% on Friday, dwarfing all other issues). But (as Jim Geraghty notes) Barack Obama’s advantage on the economy has eroded in the same period:

Which candidate do you think would do the best job handling the nation’s economy?

September 16: Obama 47%, McCain 36%
September 19: Obama 44%, McCain 41%

Both candidates started the week pretty poorly on the economic crisis, but McCain seemed to gain his footing by week’s end while Obama didn’t. Perhaps voters noticed, though we will need to see a few more days of data to know if there’s a real trend here.


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