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As Byron notes below, the McCain campaign has accused the New York Times of rank partisanship, and of failing to pay any attention to Obama’s record and past associations. Hilariously, the Obama campaign has now come out in defense of the Times, arguing that in fact the paper has published numerous hard-hitting investigative stories about Obama. Among those on their list are:

-In Law School, Obama Found Political Voice [New York Times, 1/28/07]
-Charisma and a Search for Self In Obama’s Hawaii Childhood [New York Times, 3/17/07]
-After 2000 Loss, Obama Built Donor Network From Roots Up [New York Times, 4/3/07]
-In Illinois, Obama Proved Pragmatic and Shrewd. [New York Times, 7/30/07]
-Loyal Network Backs Obama After His Help. [New York Times, 10/1/07]
-Obama Looks to Lessons From Chicago in His National Education Plan [New York Times, 9/10/08]

You may search in vain for anything like the paper’s “coverage” of Sarah Palin, or their nutty innuendo regarding McCain’s private life, or even some sense of Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers, or an assessment of his voting record in Illinois, or some fact-checking of his vicious race-baiting ad in Spanish, or his false ads about social security, health care, or Obama’s own record. The list the Obama team put out might as well have been attached to the McCain campaign’s original accusation.