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Re: Energy Alert


An e-mail:

Regarding your Corner post late today, taken from a release from Jeb Hensarling, I think you make too much of Nancy Pelosi and the House. The Senate clearly does not have the votes to attach the House language to the CR, and a CR only passes if it also passes the Senate.

This new antic by Pelosi provides us yet another opportunity to slam the Dems, but we already have quite well enough to rattle our psyche’s this week (re: financial meltdown) without forcing conservatives into heart failure (i.e., by scaring us that the Dems will actually successfully lock up nearly all of our offshore oil reserves forever with a sleight of hand). McConnell and Co. are too smart to let that happen.

I’m afraid this reader takes false comfort in hoping that the Senate can stop Pelosi and Co. from extending the offshore drilling ban. Consider the following scenario: The House passes a CR that extends the ban, and then Pelosi immediately sends everyone home for the fall recess. At that point, if Republicans in the Senate block the CR or change it in any way, or if Bush vetoes it, then the government shuts down, because the House would be adjourned until after the elections. And if you think the media will blame the shutdown on the Democrats, you’re living on another planet.

So if Republicans and moderate Dems are going to beat this ban, they have to beat it in the House or not at all.