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NYT Must Revisit Annenberg


In my new piece, “Founding Brothers,” I present evidence of a possible cover-up of Bill Ayers’ role in choosing Obama to lead the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. In particular, we now have evidence that former CAC head, Ken Rolling, may have hidden information on the Obama-Ayers link from New York Times reporter, Sam Dillon. Here is the article that came out of Dillon’s conversations with Rolling.

And here is a question: Given my publication of new evidence that Rolling may have misled Dillon and The New York Times about the Obama-Ayers link, will Dillon and/or the Times now revisit the issue and press Rolling, Chapman, Hallett, Ayers, and Obama for the full truth? Again, we now have concrete evidence that a Times source may not have been fully forthcoming. Doesn’t this obligate the New York Times to revisit the story?  Shouldn’t other papers pursue the matter as well?


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