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The White House Meeting


I am reliably told that John Boehner discussed the Republican Study Committee’s “Rescue Principles” at the White House meeting, and McCain backed up his assertion that House Republicans can’t just be ignored, especially if they have ideas that could improve the package, though he did not explicitly endorse the RSC ideas. McCain’s spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker is telling reporters that McCain is not pushing a particular proposal at the moment but is working to broker an agreement that could address the problems and include the broadest possible bipartisan coalition.

The McCain campaign put out a short statement that reads: “We’re optimistic that Sen. McCain will bring House Republicans on board without driving other parties away, resulting in a successful deal for the American taxpayer.”

McCain was apparently a very active participant in the White House discussion, while Obama expressed his support for the general frame of the draft put together by the House and Senate Banking Committees but did not go beyond that. The Democrats did not expect to be presented with additional ideas beyond that draft, and left the meeting decidedly unhappy.


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