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And speaking of Biden...


At a rally on Thursday in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden told his audience that John McCain, through his health care plan, is:

proposing the largest increase on middle class taxpayers in American history….It will cost the middle class over one trillion dollars in additional taxes. So ladies and gentlemen it’s almost unbelievable, you almost don’t believe what I’m telling you, because it sounds so wrong.

It is indeed unbelievable because it is in fact completely wrong. Even The Washington Post’s Fact Checker column can’t find an excuse for the claim, and gives Biden the full four Pinocchios, while explaining that actually:

By most independent calculations, the McCain plan will leave most taxpayers better off in strictly financial terms, at least until 2013. After 2013, the benefits will begin to diminish. By 2018, taxpayers in the top quintile will be slightly worse off, but middle-income taxpayers will either break even or be slightly ahead.

They’ll have more affordable, portable, and reliable health coverage too.