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Running Out the Clock on Obama--Ayers


It’s been nearly a week since Stanley Kurtz presented evidence that Sen. Obama has seriously misrepresented his relationship with William Ayers, yet there’s no indication that news organizations are pressing the candidate for an explanation.   Among other things, Stanley shows that it’s reasonable to conclude that Ayers selected Obama, then a ” young and inexperienced lawyer”, to chair the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. There, Obama and Ayers directed substantial sums of money to radical organizations (see Stanley’s article today via the web briefing).   A few years later, Obama launched his political career at a gathering at Ayers home. The Ayers-Obama relationship certainly appears to be more like a mentor–protégé relationship than it does Obama’s description of a random acquaintance of two guys who  happen to live in the same neighborhood.   Perhaps the media were too preoccupied with the bail-out last week to follow up on the Ayers story. Is no journalist interested in the relationship between a presidential candidate and a terrorist?


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