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For Pete’s sake, Andy, I just created a feature for the Media Blog called “In the Tank,” and Gwen Ifill was our inaugural inductee! You’re acting like I’m out to embarrass Ifill’s critics, when I’m one of those critics. I’m not trying to undermine any of the points you, I, or anyone else made about Ifill’s conduct prior to tonight’s debate. I just commented on her performance as moderator, which was probably influenced (I wrote) by our criticism of her in-the-tankness. Sheesh. 

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to promote “In the Tank,” though. We’ll be inducting journalists into the Obama tank from now until the election, at least. Send your nominees to me or any of the other Media Bloggers

Oh, and just because I thought she did a fair job as moderator doesn’t mean I thought she was perfect. I agree with the reader who sent along this humorous example:

IFILL: OK, our time is up here. We’ve got to move to the next question. Senator Biden, we want to talk about taxes, let’s talk about taxes. You proposed raising taxes on people who earn over $250,000 a year. The question for you is, why is that not class warfare and the same question for you, Governor Palin, is you have proposed a tax employer health benefits which some studies say would actually throw five million more people onto the roles of the uninsured. I want to know why that isn’t taking things out on the poor, starting with you, Senator Biden.

Translation – tell why it’s okay to make the evil rich pay their fair share, o’ herald of the mighty light bringer. And you, mouth of Sauron, why are you and the dark lord trying to make things worse for the poor?


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