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Biden, Brzezinski and Hezbollah


Just to pick up on yesterday’s discussion:

Andy had commented on Biden’s whopper about kicking Hezbollah out of Lebanon.  Clearly, Biden thinks a Lebanon without Hezbollah is a good thing.  Good, something on which responsible people can agree. 

What is ironic here, though, is that while Biden seeks credit for some imaginary defeat of Hezbollah, Senator Obama’s senior advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski argued that Israeli counterterrorism and efforts to drive Hezbollah from Lebanon was little different from deliberate murder of hostages.

It would be good to hear Sen. Biden clarify whether, when he spoke of driving Hezbollah out of Lebanon, he agrees with Obama’s senior mentor who seems to believe that doing so is murder.  Frankly, it would be better to hear from Obama and his senior advisors whether they agree with Brzezinski.


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