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Iran News Round Up


Nuclear Issue


  • Former President Khatami says he has two preconditions before he runs for the presidency: “The nation and I must reach a compromise on what is desired” and “the present circumstances taken into consideration, to what degree is there possibility of realizing the programs of the president? If there is no real possibility of realizing those programs, and there are obstacles on the way, presenting the best and most complete of all programs to the public would be nothing but deceit.”
    • Mashallah Shams al-Va’ezin ridicules Khatami’s preconditions, says he is being a “sissy,” and suggest that with such statements, it would be better if he does not run for presidency: “Only three months into his presidency, Mr. Khatami, in an statement said that the power of presidency is limited. My question to Mr. Khatami is this: If the power of the presidency is limited, why did you remain in office? Why did you run for a second term? Why did you…not study the Constitution…prior to your candidacy…? If the power of presidency is limited, why do you want to run for presidency for a third term…? I don’t understand Mr. Khatami’s demands that the elections should be free. What does this mean? Is it because he does not know the political conditions of the country? The political conditions of the country have not changed, and have remained the same as before.”
    • According to Agah-Sazi’s analyst, the presidential elections will take two rounds, and Khatami will win with large margin.
    • Veteran politician Behzad Nabavi says Khatami has become a symbol of national salvation.
    • National Trust Party deputy leader Montajab-Nia says the reformists in the end will support Mehdi Karrubi.
  • Student Basij at Sharif University demands resignation of Interior Minister Ali Kordan (who forged his doctoral degree).
  • Former Tehran Governor Kamran Daneshjou appointed political deputy of Interior Ministry.



  • Discussing the conditions of natural gas exports to India through the Peace Pipeline – which runs through Pakistan – the Iranian government says any blockage of exports to India will result in a stop of natural gas exports to Islamabad.


Military and Security

Religion, Culture, and Society

  • Numerous quakes in Qeshm island provoke rumors of “super natural phenomena,” “subterranean test explosions,” and the like.
  • Alef News Agency publishes a Persian translation of Reuter’s report on Iranian influence in Najaf, Iraq.

Public Health

Human Rights and Labor

  • Ten students staging a peaceful demonstration to protest being barred from university because of student political activism are arrested by the Law Enforcement Forces.


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